07.09. 2019 Hard Summer Festival, Falkenfels
04.10. 2019 LIVE-MUSIC-HALL, Mörlenbach
05.10. 2019 Air Axes Metal Club, Dettenhausen
21.11. 2019 LOGO, Hamburg
10. 01. 2020 Musiktheater Piano, Dortmund
16. 01. 2020 Spectrum, Augsburg
17. 01. 2020 From Hell, Erfurt
07. 03. 2020 Full-Metal Festival, Niederjossa
27. 03. 2020 Hirsch, Metzingen
28. 03. 2020 7er Club, Mannheim
09. 05. 2020 Pink, Dormagen
10. 09. 2020 Meisenfrei, Bremen

...... is an enchanted princess!


Far back in time in the Egyptian era. The last Pharaoh Cleopatra went to the river Nile to catch a few vipers. She didn`t not want to live any more. She wanted to commit suicide to die in fast way. Dead set on doing so she put the snake box into her vault built of hundreds of stones. All the serpents bit her to death but only one didn`t. This viper took the crown from Cleopatra's brow and put it on his tiny head. It took her several days to dig herself through the cold stone grave into the light and into freedom.

There is only one Viper who never brought somebody to death: The VELVET VIPER That's what the legend say. The all mighty snake mother told this story to her descendants repeatedly all over and over, and over It's true! Believe me! Till today the Velvet Viper has never killed a human and has a mark on its head which looks like a crown.

That's why the VELVET VIPER is called the enchanted princess.

After a rest period VELVET VIPER is back. To tell us her stories once again, the old and new ones!

Let's follow the snake mother and let's never forget the things behind it......

.......... the return of the Spirit of ZED YAGO

Back in 1985, Jutta Weinhold founded Zed Yago, a band whose music und concept were intended to break away from run-of-the-mill rock and metal. This was the creation of "dramatic metal" with lyrics based on literature, poetry, mythology and fantasy, because without those the soul withers and life ends.
Zed Yago recorded two widely-acclaimed albums, "From over Yonder" and "Pilgrimage", before the band split. After the end of Zed Yago, Jutta founded VELVET VIPER.

1990 saw the release of the first album "Velvet Viper" featuring Franco Zuccaroli (drums), David Moore from Newcastle, England (guitar), Lars Ratz (bass, afterwards founder of Metalium) and guest guitarists Jochen Zeno Roth, Olaf Eimer and Peter Szigeti (Warlock). For the second Velvet Viper album was called "The fourth Quest for Fantasy", Jutta teamed up again with drummer Bubi the Schmied (ex-Zed Yago), Lars Ratz on bass and Roy Last on guitar, who passed away in 2004. In 1993, Jutta released the last album with lyrics based on the concept of Zed Yago for the time being. "To be or not" was recorded with musicians of the Czech band "Citron". The best-of-collection "Zed Yago from the Twilight Zone", which also featured unreleased material, was released in 2002, and for several years Jutta moved on to other subjects und projects.

But the fever for dramatic metal was still burning in Jutta`s soul. Rock is bigger than all of us, because this song is never-ending - here is one of Jutta`s mottos: "I don`t sing mere notes, every note has a word and that adds up to the message". Just like in the beginning it is about music and lyrics based on the strong roots of heavy rock and classic poetic themes.

Finally in 2016/17 the time had come to bring the band VELVET VIPER back to life. Jutta and her new guitarist Holger Marx wrote 11 songs which were produced by Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray, Helloween), a true master of metal. The band again celebrates classic heavy metal with unconventional additions and hard-and-slow grooves as well as rousing up-tempo parts which pay tribute to the NWOBHM.

2017 saw a happy ending as the Swedish company GMR Music decided to release the new album. A big thanks goes out to Lena Graaf from GMR Music who saw the original potential of VELVET VIPER and who will work on the successful distribution of the album "Respice Finem". This cooperation with the Swedish label shows once again how close the ties are within Europe.

Coincidence and fate are often the driving forces of life. They lead to unexpected results. In such a turn Jutta Weinhold and Graaf from GMR Music were brought together by VELVET VIPER�s manager. In this way two strong women have joined forces to light the way into the future of VELVET VIPER.

The album title "Respice Finem" hearkens back to an old Latin saying which can be traced back to an even older Greek fable:

Quidquid Agis Prudenter Agas et Respice Finem
Whatever You Do, Do It Wisely and Consider the End

The band`s line-up:
Jutta Weinhold (Vocals)
Holger Marx (Guitar)
Johannes Möllers (Bass)
Micha Fromm (Drums)


Mary Stuart Highland Queen/Jutta Weinhold/ VELVET VIPER
Valkyries / VELVET VIPER

Icebreaker/Jutta Weinhold /VELVET VIPER

Millstone of rage/ Jutta Weinhold/ Velvet Viper

Zweiter Teaser von Velvet Viper "Respice Finem" short version von DANGEROUS

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